Tea Parties and Birthday Parties

When your day seems topsy turvy and stormy as can be, there’s nothing quite as tranquil as a nice hot cup of tea.


To surprise my big and best friend McKenzie on her birthday, I took her to Sister’s Tea Parlor and it was truly one of the cutest things I’v ever done! It reaffirmed my belief that every adult needs to let their inner child out once in awhile and every girl needs to dress up in something she feels pretty in. With such busy schedules, we rarely take time to just sit and enjoy life together, so this was a much needed girl’s day! After much brainstorming, I decided to surprise McKenzie with this little treat and it was perfect! The boutique has hats, gloves, and accessories if you are feeling particularly fancy, as well as tons of cute little gifts!




To start, the menu is to die for (pictured below!)! You can select either a two-tiered tray of sweets or a three-tiered tray with a little extra! I opted for the three-tiered tray and it included some savory things like a ham and pear chutney baked roll, sausage date pastry, and chicken salad sandwich, and sweet treats like a caramel apple cupcake, pumpkin spice scone, and s’mores bar! The full menu is pictured below. Again, to die for!

The tea was also obviously amazing! The bottomless pot is $3.95 per person and we tried 5 different pots! Between the two of us, we shared Spiced Pumpkin, Chia Americano, Nutcracker Sweet, Paris in a Teacup (their signature tea), and Fairy Dust! Descriptions on the menu below! My favorite was Spiced Pumpkin, and is anyone really surprised? Haha!




For McKenzie’s birthday, they also brought her a special cupcake! Which was the icing on the cake lol. This experience was honestly one you will be hard pressed to get anywhere else and I HIGHLY recommend!


The Fairy Dust tea had real gold flakes! OMG!

img_0546 img_0550

img_0547 img_0545


Always, Autumn


2 thoughts on “Tea Parties and Birthday Parties

  1. What a lovely review of Sisters Tea Parlor & Boutique! Thank you so much for sharing your precious day with us. It sounds as though you and your sisters enjoyed your visit. The day your described perfectly reflects our vision! Thank you, again, for not only letting us be a part of your special day, but sharing your experience on your blog. Your pictures are beautiful and your words very kind. Blessings!~Lori, Sisters Tea Parlor & Boutique

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