Kisses from Cupid: DIY Floral Arrangement

What’s a party without a pretty, floral decoration? In my opinion, not much of a party at all! And lucky for you, this arrangement is super simple! For today’s Kisses from Cupid, I want to give you an easy DIY arrangement that would be the perfect accent to any Valentine’s Day get-together.


  • Flowers of your choice
  • Scissors
  • Vase
  • Clear tape


  • First separate your flowers into similar groups. Ideally you would want 3-4 of each type of flower.
  • Fill your vase with water and place the tape in a grid-like pattern at the top.
  • Measure flower length compared to the height of the vase and cut the stems of the flower in a horizontal pattern to allow for more water to travel up the stems.
  • Keep each group of flowers together and work to fill in the grid. Place taller flowers towards the center and shorter flowers on the edges to produce a more rounded effect.
  • Fill in any holes and by adding extra touches such as berries or leaves.
  • Ta da! The easiest arrangement!


I just adore fresh flowers and I think they add a touch of pizzazz to any dinner table! Also try adding red roses for a true Valentine’s feel. I hope you are swooning over this easy arrangement as much as I am!

Always, Autumn

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