Kisses from Cupid: Valentine’s Gifts for Him

For day 6 of 14 Days of Valentine’s I bring you a gift guide for men! I find shopping for guys to be infinitely harder than for girls and I am constantly running out of ideas. I’m not the only one, right!? After turning to a few men in my life for help, I finally came up with a list of 14 things to give this Valentine’s Day!

  1. Dollar Shave Club Kit $35.00: Because a practical gift will never go out of style. (PS. This links to Sephora’s website. Be warned. But order yourself a lipstick while there haha!)
  2. Fossil Toiletry Bag $40.00: He’ll need to keep his razors and shaving cream in something!
  3. Vineyard Vines Bow Tie $55.00: Not every guy likes a bow tie. But for those that do, I’v found the perfect one for Valentine’s Day!
  4. JCrew Polka Dot Socks $14.50: I’m not sure why everyone hates on socks as a gift. Every time I’ve given them, they are always enjoyed!
  5. Ray Ban Sunglasses $165.00: If your man is responsible enough to not to lose them, a nice pair of sunglasses is a perfect gift!
  6. Swiss Army Pocket Knife $47.50: Because you never know when one of these little guys will come in handy.
  7. Ralph Lauren Sweater $125.00: I must admit this sweater is a little pricy for a piece of clothing. After all, it’s just a sweater. But if you want to really pamper your man, you might as well do it in style!
  8. My Southern Journey $17.50: Written by Rick Bragg, this book is a collection of short stories about life in the south. They are funny, easy to read, and overall simply inspiring! Although any book would do if your guy likes to read!
  9. Ugg Slippers $110.00: You may laugh at this one. But I actually want a pair, and so I figured a guy would too. I mean do you see how fluffy the insides look? Heaven for your feet.
  10. Fossil Watch $95.00: I love a sleek, leather watch! For the sophisticated gent.
  11. Nike Training Hoodie $45.00: This looked comfy in my opinion. Perfect for the sporty guy!
  12. Cologne Sampler $65.00: 15 samples to pick your favorite! And it comes with a coupon to redeem your favorite in a full size! Also from Sephora!


In case you missed yesterdays post, check out my Valentine’s gift guide for her!

Always, Autumn

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